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Management Team


Yuying Zhang

Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and Director


Mr. Zhang has served as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Shineco since 2011. Mr. Zhang was the principal founder of Tenet-Jove, which was established in 1995 with his research and development of Luobuma functional fiber healthcare products. Mr. Zhang has served as the Chairman and CEO of Tenet-Jove since December 2003, under his leadership, the company has worked with more than 20 research institutions and enterprises and has obtained numerous national invention and new product patent rights for Luobuma product development. From 1995 to December 2003, Mr. Zhang served as general manager of Tianjin Balas Technological Development Co., Ltd. Prior to starting Tenet-Jove in 1995, Mr. Zhang was the deputy director at the Army Institute of Integrative Medicine. From 1991 to 1994, Mr. Zhang was the Executive Director and Deputy General Manager at Shan Haidan Pharmaceutical Group, where Mr. Zhang was responsible for strategic development planning and marketing. Mr. Zhang is a senior economist with a degree from China Central Radio and Television University in China. Mr. Zhang has been chosen as director because his knowledge and extensive experience in research and development and management.


Sam Wang

Chief Financial Officer


Mr. Wang has served as the Chief Financial Officer since February 2015 and Director since 2016. Mr. Wang has worked for Shineco, Inc. since 2011 where he served as Financial Controller until his appointment as our Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining Shineco, Mr. Wang worked for Citi Bank from 2008 till 2011, where he served as Manager of Corporate Finance. Mr. Wang obtained a Masters in Commerce with a concentration in applied finance from The University of Queensland in 2010. In 2008, he received a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Griffith University in Australia.